ze colours of yoooer blog our beyootifool, no need to ve vorried of yooer followares nut being avle to reed eet!

Haha okay thanks :) someone messaged me before saying they couldn’t read it so I did a little adjusting :)

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My blog

If y’all can’t read my page still let me know and I’ll change the colors more or change my theme :)

your theme is SUPER hard to read. :l

Sorry! I’ll change it, thanks for letting me know :) I have my brightness all the way up on my computer haha my bad

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21. There are moments in any sport where the athlete takes a step back and wonders, “Why the hell am I doing this to myself?” Sure, at the time a tedious exercise seems insignificant, even unimportant. But for some reason, the athlete picks up their head and continues on. Why? Because they want to achieve something so much greater than themselves. They want to prove that they are willing to achieve greatness, one drop of sweat at a time.

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You know you row when…

…you know the feeling of not wanting to row, but knowing you want to/have to at the same time. And that it’s the most addicting sport ever invented.